• Labyrinth [8.26]
  • Drops [7.27]
  • Intense [8.57]
  • For You [7.29]
  • Bluesy [8.29]
  • Sunny Honey [4.43]
  • Dreamflight [7.50]
  • Gavotte [3.08]
All compositions created and arranged by Egidijus Buožis.

Al Di Meola (acoustic and electric guitar)
Egidijus Buožis (acoustic piano, keyboards)
Brian Bromberg (acoustic and electric bass)
Xavier Desandre Navarre (drums, percussion, voice)
Vytautas Sondeckis (cello (8))
Domingo Patricio (flute (6))

Produced by Franz Plasa.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at H.O.M.E. studios, Hamburg.

Behind the scenes video: YouTube

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  • Jeg gik mig ud en sommerdag (E. Buožis) [4.57]
  • Two Flowers (C. Norby) [4.25]
  • Chrass (L. Danielsson) [3.31]
  • Hymn (L. Danielsson) [3.28]
  • Phantom (C. Norby) [4.21]
  • Tu mano seserėle (C. Norby, E. Buožis, V. Sondeckis) [6.53]
  • Sutartinė (L. Danielsson) [3.17]
  • Choral (L. Danielsson) [4.21]
  • Cello Theme (Prelude) (C. Norby) [3.49]
  • Flying (L. Danielsson, E. Buožis, V. Sondeckis) [2.01]
  • Rue de Payenne (L. Danielsson) [3.56]
  • Per girią girelę (L. Danielsson) [2.49]
  • Reminiscence (T. Holmgren) [1.22]
  • Lights (L. Danielsson) [4.22]
  • Postludium (E. Buožis) [2.16]
Caecilie Norby (vocals)
Egidijus Buožis (piano, celesta)
Lars Danielsson (cello, gimbri, el.bass, drums)
Arve Henriksen (trumpet, voice)
Vytautas Sondeckis (cello (using “Larsen Strings”)
Stefan Pintev (violin)
Mattias Grönroos (bass)
Tommy Holmgren (drums, percussion)
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  • Gidas' Waltz (Egidijus Buožis) [08.35]
  • Recollection (Egidijus Buožis) [09.44]
  • Night In Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie) [06.27]
  • Lullaby Of Birdland (George Shearing) [07.04]
  • Beside The Blues (Egidijus Buožis) [08.19]
  • Snapshot (Egidijus Buožis) [08.45]
  • Spontanica Before Christmas (Egidijus Buožis) [10.34]
  • Encore (Egidijus Buožis) [03.59]
Egidijus Buožis (piano)

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  • spon_ta__ _nica [7:54]
  • sp_ontani_ __ca [6:04]
  • __spo_nta_____nica [7:14]
  • spo_nta____nica [4:31]
  • spont_anica [9:57]
  • spon_tanica [6:33]
  • ___sponta___nica [6:09]
  • spon_tanic_ _a [6.33]
  • sp__onta__ __nica [4:27]
  • _sp__onta__ __nica [11:25]
  • spon_ta___ __nica [4:22]
  • ____spon_ta_nica [6.33]
Petras Vyšniauskas (sopr.sax)
Egidijus Buožis (piano)

At First Sight

  • AT FIRST SIGHT [10:01]
  • VIRAGE [9:31]
  • DROPS [8:50]
  • GIDAS' WALTZ [4:49]
  • SNAPSHOT [7:13]
  • TWO COLOURS [9:12]
  • FROGLET'S DANCE [6.34]
All compositions written by Egidijus Buožis
Valerijus Ramoška (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Egidijus Buožis (piano)
Eugenijus Kanevičius (double bass)
Darius Rudis (drums)

Gold Disc 2003

  • AUTUMN LEAVES [5:17]
  • CON ALMA [6:20]
  • IN THE CIRCLE [5:55]
Egidijus Buožis (piano)

In 2001, the LITHUANIAN MUSICIANS UNION and Joint-stock Company BALTIC OPTICAL DISC founded the Gold Disc Award, consisting of a trophy and a special CD, for the best performers of the year in four categories: an ensemble, an instrumentalist, a singer, and jazz. A qualified jury awarded the Gold Disc 2003 to the pianist Petras Geniušas, the Vilnius String Quartet, the baritone Vytautas Juozapaitis and the jazz pianist Egidijus Buožis.

Solos & duos

  • A CHILD IS BORN (solo) [3:26]
  • BLUE IN GREEN [6:56]
  • EASY LIVING [6:01]
  • SPAIN (solo) [6:22]
  • FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE [4:20]
  • BODY & SOUL [8:39]
  • 'ROUND MIDNIGHT [8:15]
  • DOXY [4:43]
  • MISTY (solo) [3:26]
  • LA FIESTA [8:16]

Up to now a CD of jazz standards was quite a rare phenomenon in Lithuanian jazzmen’s discography, therefore „Solos & Duos“ is a pleasant presence. The music on this album does not oblige you to listen attentively, but if you try carefully, you will not regret it. Virtuoso passages flow freely, without any apparent effort, the pianist and the trumpeter improvise lightly, gracefully, and especially precisely, without any slip towards salon music. Twelve pieces are recorded in this album, three of which are played solo by E. Buožis, or others including V.Ramoška. These pieces are well-known topics of famous Americans, however, the exclusive sympathies of the pianist and producer (both by E. Buožis) are revealed by the two Chick Corea pieces ('Spain' and 'La Fiesta'). Harmonious unity of opposites is characteristic of the album: for some listeners the performance of the duo will create the atmosphere of a concert hall, while others will find themselves in a predawn smoke-filled club. Anyway, so far we have never heard such rich and soft-sounding grand piano in the albums of our jazzmen. It is a great contribution of Giedrius Litvinas.

Town of Love

  • GAME [4:01]
  • WHAT'S THE TIME [5:24]
  • BLUES OF LOVE [5:20]
  • FRESH DANCING [4:09]
  • FIRST LESSON [4:48]
  • TOWN OF LOVE [5:43]
  • LETTER [3:53]
  • GAME 2 [5:00]

It is the first solo CD by Egidijus Buožis and it could be talked about from two points of view: either as about the likings and preferences as well as the reflection of the creative "kitchen" (however, very professional and soigné) of this pianist, composer and music arranger, or as about some sort of "anticommercial" phenomenon in the context of Lithuanian jazz and entertainment music. Namely the latter factor distinguishes Egidijus' CD from a number of other releases of that year. In this first Egidijus' CD, there is already established that stylistic purposefulness and thorough finish, maybe even perfectionism, which is characteristic of his singles which have been on radio and TV broadcasts in the later years, but which are still unpublished. Yes, undoubtedly - this CD is primarily aimed at an intellectual audience. It looks like the team that realised the idea was exactly of such kind, but what is most important - they share with Egidijus the same ideas and a liking for jazzy-pop style. They are Irena Starosaitë and Stepas Januska (vocals), Linas Rimsa (music arranger) and Giedrius Litvinas (sound engineer). That is the reason why this CD seems to be very solid regarding its style and composition. I think that this CD as an "anticommercial" phenomenon has not lost its importance yet. So, turn on the player and stay in "Town of Love" for a while…

Tomas Bakucionis, Musicologist